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There is a zillion music festivals or festivals including music in Australia, from events attracting tens of thousands to small town festivals for hundreds. Probably, one way or another, no musical genre is excluded.

There also are websites listing festivals but it is interesting how very incomplete they are. In fact, to construct and maintain a comprehensive list of music festivals would be a fairly major task and one that is beyond the MCA’s means, even though it would be a valuable resource for performers and audiences.

Festivals are in vogue and in favour in the music sector at the moment. They are seen as sources of much vitality, giving an unusual opportunity to musicians to bring committed performances and perhaps a bit of experimentation to large audiences. Probably this favourable view is bolstered by the difficulties in the record industry and the shift to live performance as the core musical experience and source of musicians’ incomes.

On the other hand, there is a residue of feeling that the festival is somehow supposed to stimulate musical life in a community year-round but fails to deliver. It moves in, does its thing, and moves out, leaving musical life untouched or perhaps even depleted for the rest of the year.

Major City Festivals

We refer here to the multi-arts festivals in the capital cities. Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth all have them and music is of course always an important element. Usually there are some big classical music events but also music from many other genres, depending upon the predilections of the current artistic director.

There are fringe festivals attached to most of these city festivals. Programming in the fringe can be more risk-taking since there is less at stake financially.

Some of the More Important Music Festivals

Websites Listing Music Festivals

There are many but none is comprehensive. Here is a few.


Festivals are eligible for funding from arts funding bodies generally. Festivals Australia is a special Commonwealth Government cultural grant program which provides assistance to regional and community Australian festivals for the presentation of quality cultural activities.


Confederation of Australian International Arts Festivals


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