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Henry Vyhnal

Henry Vyhnal

Henry Vyhnal is a music teacher, performer and concert director. He has played and recorded with a wide variety of musicians including Nick Cave, Stephen Cummings and Joe Camilleri during the explosion of Australian original music in the mid to late1970’s. Henry is accomplished in a variety of musics including classical, country, jazz, world music and punk. As well as teaching music at Kyneton Secondary College he is the Music and Program Director for MITCH (Music in the Central Highlands), an organisation that supports emerging young musicians through the provision of performance opportunities and funding.

INSIDE THE MUSICIAN. Henry Vyhnal: Pure Sound

I suppose that the first sound I ever heard was the sound of my mother coo-cooing into my still wet ear immediately after my birth. She and I would have been pretty exhilarated. The birth had taken almost twenty-four hours

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