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James Nightingale

James Nightingale

James Nightingale is the alto saxophonist with Australia’s premier saxophone quartet, Continuum Sax, and President of the New Music Network (NMN). He has been at the heart of the direction of the NMN, serving as artistic director of the NMN Concert Series (2007-2011) and the NMN Mini-Series (2005-2008). James completed a PhD at the University of Queensland in 2011 and holds degrees of both Master of Music (performance) and Bachelor of Music from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. He was awarded the prize of ‘Student of the Year’ at the Sydney Conservatorium on completing his undergraduate degree in 1992.

The New Music Network

The Organisation Growth in Membership Support “New Music” Has Always Existed Future Directions Further Information Author List of NMN Member Organisations 2013 The Organisation The New Music Network (NMN) is an energetic collective of Australian ensembles, sound artists and organisations

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