Please click below to read Dick Letts’s doctoral thesis, written in 1971 but characterised by at least one prominent academic as “transformational” even in a 21st century context!
This is the second Music Trust e-book, following closely upon Dick’s “The Arts on the Edge of Chaos” (1995).
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The table of contents follows the abstract on page 4. ED



Richard Letts, 1971. PhD Thesis, University of California, Berkeley. Entered on Knowledge Base in its final form, 14 December 2015.

Dr Richard Letts AM is the founder and Director of The Music Trust, founder and former Executive Director of the Music Council of Australia (now Music Australia) and Past President of the International Music Council. He has held senior positions in music and culture in Australia and the United States, advocated for music and music education, conducted research, written policy documents, edited four periodicals, published four books and hundreds of articles.

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