The Australia Council has published a great interactive page online, Electorate Profiles. Readers can select any one of the 150 Commonwealth electorates and discover information of value to strategic planning for their personal or organisational use, or advocacy.
The information includes:

  • Name and affiliation of the local member of Parliament
  • Some survey results about the attitude of that population towards the arts.
  • Data about the arts activities of the population e.g. listen to music, read books, engage online…
  • Population by 10-year age segments
  • Ticket-buying behaviour, local vs national averages
  • Number of cinemas, screens, seats
  • Links to discover things such as number and location of performing arts venues, bookshops, libraries, galleries
  • Links to other information about the electorate eg census information
  • Data for cultural and creative employment in the electorate
  • Cultural and creative businesses

We have recently published some American data on the correlations between number of arts organisations in communities and their overall prosperity and wellbeing. The researchers showed strong positive correlations and even find that the arts a causative in the positive outcomes. The Australia Council data might enable similar surveys here.


Australia Council
Uploaded October 10, 2018

Commonwealth’s arts funding and policy advisory authority.

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