Links Between the Neurobiology of Oxytocin and Human Musicality

Alan Harvey
Many characteristics of the biology of the hormone oxytocin mirror the diverse effects that music has on human cognition and emotion, providing a link to the important role music has played throughout human evolutionary history and helping to explain why music remains a special prosocial human asset.

At moments like these, we need a cultural policy

Julian Meyrick, Julianne Schultz and Justin O'Connor
Despite the cultural sector's especially perilous situation in the COVID emergency, the Commonwealth Government has shown little interest or concern. A national cultural policy is urgently needed.

INSIDE THE MUSICIAN. Cheetham, Deborah: One Day in January, Finding Dutala

Deborah Cheetham
Pioneer of participation of Australian Indigenous people in performance of classical music describes circumstances and initiatives.

Kids who learn clause chain languages are quicker to develop complex sentences

Hannah Sarvasy
The structure of some languages advantages learning. Are there parallels in music?

Lost Operas of Oz

Stuart Maunder
State Opera of South Australia has committed to the second or subsequent production of operas from the 20C by Australian composers.

INSIDE THE MUSICIAN. Perica, Vanessa: Freeing the Voice Within

Vanessa Perica
Vanessa Perica has come to public attention with the release of a recording of her compositions by a superb jazz big band. This article describes her view of her musical world.

Determining public perception of classical musicians’ livelihoods: A survey of concert-going audiences in South East Queensland, Australia

Jocelyn Wolfe and Kirsten Tong
This study surveys the concert-going audience's view of classical music as a career.

INSIDE THE MUSICIAN. Cody, Chris: The Music Inside

Chris Cody
Chris Cody is a fine jazz pianist who has spent much of his professional life in Paris, now has returned to Sydney, and writes beautifully about a life in music.

Too little, too late, too confusing? The funding criteria for the arts COVID package are a mess

Jo Caust
The procedures for distribution of the Commonwealth's financial rescue of the arts sector enable inexpert assessment of applications and funding for political advantage.

Arts and creativity can revitalise regional tourism and support local economies

Brianna Roberts
Research data shows that arts experiences are a key driver for tourism, especially in regional Australia.

INSIDE THE MUSICIAN. Maunder, Stuart: Worshipping at the Shrine

Stuart Maunder
The famous stage director Stuart Maunder's passion is the works of Gilbert and Sullivan.

Why the profit motive fails in education

John Quiggin
Private management if TAFE has been a disaster. For-profit organisations paid to deliver public services are more inclined to exploit funding loopholes than seek to provide better services.