The Australian Jazz Real Book in 2020: Is there such a thing as Australian Jazz?

Tim Nikolsky
At the end of this twisting story, the Australian Jazz Real Book has been created. So what, you ask, is a Real Book as compared with a real book? Read, and you will follow...

Online music education information and resources at

Robin Stevens
Online Music Education Information and Resources at gives access to websites with collections of research and historical reports from Australia, some international.

INSIDE THE MUSICIAN. Rose, Jon: A Life of Experimentation

Jon Rose
The perception among many musicians is that Jon Rose is unique in Australia, possibly the world.

INSIDE THE MUSICIAN. Northey, Ben: Stillness and Transformation – a conductor’s perspective

Benjamin Northey
Conductor Benjamin Northey writes on the shock of silence during the COVID-19 crisis and how we might re-examine our relationship with audiences.

The current circumstances of Jazz in Australia

Richard Letts
The audience is tiny, the government support is minimal, the music is GREAT!

Freedman Classical and Jazz Fellows Report

Richard Letts
These fellowships, run by the Music Trust, have become among Australia’s most prestigious. The winners spend their prize money on special projects and afterward report what happened. You can read the reports.

The Business of Production Music

Art Phillips
‘There was a time when production music was viewed as a bland, generic, uninteresting and unemotional source of music tracking (licensing). Library music, as it was once called, is now revered as a much classier, creative and practical alternative for music track sourcing’ (Phillips 1998).

Labor national policy platform: policy for the arts 2019