The National Performing Arts Touring Scan

Merryn Carter
An overview of performing arts touring in Australia, including the effects of COVID so far, and into the future.

INSIDE THE MUSICIAN: Michelle Leonard: Choirs under COVID and Moorambilla Magic Modules

Michelle Leonard and Lliane Clarke
A remarkable story of how one woman has each year brought together the children of a large, sparsely populated area of outback Australia with highly accomplished musicians from the city to develop and present a sophisticated performance of choral and instrumental music, taiko drumming and much more. This is entirely a community supported program.

Four Indigenous composers and a piano from colonial times — making passionate, layered, honest music together

Christopher Sainsbury and Scott Davie
Four Australian Indigenous composers participated in a project to compose music for a piano built in Alsace on the verge of European settlement in Australia.

Why the curriculum should be based on students’ readiness, not their age

Geoff Masters
It is sometimes claimed that it is “fair” to hold all students to the same age-based expectations. But fairness depends on recognising individual differences and meeting each student’s current learning needs.

INSIDE THE MUSICIAN. Linsey Pollak: Improvising My Way through Life

Linsey Pollak
A wonderful story of a musical traveller - performer, composer, instrument-maker, multiculturalist, community trailblazer.

Why do Australian universities have an obsession with rankings?

John J. Howard
High rankings lift status and incomes, attract more international students. But our universities must prioritise creating talent. The importance of first-rate teaching, as one of the most effective forms of knowledge transfer, is often overlooked but is our most worthy calling.

INSIDE THE MUSICIAN. Marshall McGuire: Evolving Stages

Marshall McGuire
One of Australia's leading classical musicians is also the Artistic Director of one of its leading concert venues.

A unitary theory of funding cuts

Richard Cooke
Prime Minister Morrison let COVID-19 make funding cuts for him, and hence devastate the Coalition’s longstanding foes – the public service, the ABC, the arts and the tertiary education sector – through government negligence rather than active measures. A competent response to the pandemic, and a tentative Opposition fearful of being wedged, can both take care of the polling.

The year everything got cancelled: how the arts in Australia suffered (but survived) in 2020

Jo Caust
The challenge for many is the sector is complex: not defined by one artform, one form of artistic expression or one mode of organisation. Not the least challenged is the Federal government.

INSIDE THE MUSICIAN. Zela Margossian: Why I Think It Is Never Too Late

Zela Margossian
Zela Margossian trained in classical music in Lebanon and Armenia, and then changed both country and music, moving to Australia are taking up jazz improvisation and composition.

‘Refine, realign and declutter’ – what might that mean for the Australian Curriculum: The Arts – Music

Helen Champion
Considerations for a review of the national curriculum, the Australian Curriculum: The Arts - the curriculum for music, dance, drama, media arts and visual arts.