INSIDE THE MUSICIAN. Cody, Chris: The Music Inside

Chris Cody
Chris Cody is a fine jazz pianist who has spent much of his professional life in Paris, now has returned to Sydney, and writes beautifully about a life in music.

Too little, too late, too confusing? The funding criteria for the arts COVID package are a mess

Jo Caust
The procedures for distribution of the Commonwealth's financial rescue of the arts sector enable inexpert assessment of applications and funding for political advantage.

Arts and creativity can revitalise regional tourism and support local economies

Brianna Roberts
Research data shows that arts experiences are a key driver for tourism, especially in regional Australia.

INSIDE THE MUSICIAN. Maunder, Stuart: Worshipping at the Shrine

Stuart Maunder
The famous stage director Stuart Maunder's passion is the works of Gilbert and Sullivan.

Why the profit motive fails in education

John Quiggin
Private management if TAFE has been a disaster. For-profit organisations paid to deliver public services are more inclined to exploit funding loopholes than seek to provide better services.

School fixes and fantasy

Chris Bonnor
The author assesses a new educational manifesto from the Australian national and state Ministers of Education.

Latest $84 million cuts rip the heart out of the ABC, and our democracy

Alexandra Wake and Michael Ward
The Commonwealth government continues its politically motivated attack on funding for the national broadcaster.

Public schools face a funding crisis; private schools are in clover

Trevor Cobbold
Governments overfund private schools, underfund public schools, leaving disadvantaged students even more unsupported.

INSIDE THE MUSICIAN. Edwardes, Claire: Why I Chose the Less Trodden Path

Claire Edwardes
Claire Edwardes, one of Australia's great percussionists and musical directors, tells about her big artistic choices.

Making Music Work: The inner and outer realities for musicians

Richard Letts
The research shows that musicians are not motivated so much by wealth or fame as the intrinsic rewards for making music.

Making Music Work: Australian musicians balance multiple roles to make their careers work

Associate Professor Brydie-Leigh Bartleet, Ben Green, Christina Ballico, Dawn Bennett and Ruth Bridgstock
A big research project discovers how Australian musicians build careers, earn a living.

Australian Honours List, Australia Day 2020

Richard Letts
In recognition of a special contribution to the national well-being, Australian Honours are awarded to Australian citizens selected by the office of the Governor General. Following are the awards made on Australia Day 2020 for contributions to music, with a few also of those awarded more broadly in the arts.