This page doubles as the ‘References’ page for all the following articles. Because of that extra function it includes some items which are not (to my knowledge) available online.

Noise Exposure of Music Teachers  (Introductory article)
Defining the Problem
Teaching Strategies to Reduce Noise Exposure
Approximating Noise Exposure in Small-group Woodwind Lessons
Hearing Loss, Noise Exposure and the Law
Hearing Protection for Music Teachers
Early Warning Signs of Hearing Loss


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Camets Acoustics.
(Commercial site; includes statistical table of expected hearing loss for different levels and periods of exposure.)
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Malcolm Tattersall, 2006, updated in April 2014 when the material was transferred to the Knowledge Base. Entered on Knowledge Base 21 April 2014.

A Townsville, Queensland, based musician, teacher and composer whose musical interests centre on the recorder. He regularly contributes record reviews for Music Forum but his primary occupation since 1980 has been teaching woodwinds in schools, both primary and secondary. He taught in state and independent schools in Melbourne for ten years before moving to Townsville where he has taught in state, Catholic and independent schools for twenty years.

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