• Credibility
  • Revered position as key part of “cultural fabric of civilised society”
  • National, local and international
  • Large volume of activity
  • Intergenerational
  • Passion
  • High quality brand
  • Loyal customer base
  • Long history
  • Flexible – product, venue size
  • Generally based on funding mix of majority box office + government + private sector, therefore reduced risk by spread of revenue streams
  • Portability
  • Transcends language barriers
  • Strong commitment to education sector – long traditions of both school-based and private tuition


  • Heavy reliance on subscriber base
  • Aging
  • Time constraints leading to aversion to advance non-reversable commitments
  • More competition making ratio of marketing:sales ratio ever tighter to achieve cut-through
  • Unapproachable/elitist image in some sectors of industry – daunting for the “uninitiated”?
  • Tension in business model between need for guaranteed sales up front and greater demand for customer-led engagement (flexible access options)
  • Parallel decrease in CD/DVD/TV material leading to very narrow brand name recognition (only the biggest get through) – doesn’t fit the “celebrity chase” fad
  • Most companies run on stretched resources
  • History/reputation for being risk-averse


  • Brand strengthening through new products / programs
  • Leverage customer base, with more focused cross-promotion within sector
  • Develop wider audience through alliances and new formats (eg festivals)
  • Education (life-long)
  • Build on social aspect of concerts
  • Generational transfer of wealth may lead to greater philanthropic support
  • Technology – individualised access


  • Reduction in corporate sponsorship
  • Increasing artist fees and expenses
  • Other arts bodies (competing for funding and audiences)
  • Generational change in tastes
  • Technology – alternatives to live music
  • Crowded school curriculum with decreased focus on music government focus on non-arts agendas
  • Skills shortage making it difficult to retain younger staff


Mary-Jo Capps, 2007

Musica Viva Australia.

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