Copyright is a key piece of infrastructure in the creative economy.  It enables creators of a broad range of content (including music) to control and be remunerated for the use of their content.


  1. Facilitates creation and dissemination of “content”
  2. Third largest industry in Australia
  3. Collective management facilities licensing
  4. Flexibility


  • Communication of message by industry that copyright is a driver of innovation and not a relic
  • Complexity (layers of protection for score, lyrics, recording)
  • Lack of understanding of copyright among musicians and consumers
  • Individual musicians poorly resourced


  1. Growing market for “content”
  2. Ability to develop innovative business models
  3. Sensible law reform
  4. Improved education of industry and the general public


  • Amendment to the law that erodes the sustainability of the copyright system eg a broad  fair use exception and expansion of the safe harbour for carriage service providers)
  • Disruption to existing business models
  • Infringing behaviour and lack of respect
  • Big tech exerting power to drive down payments to artists and labels


Fiona Phillips, CEO, Australian Copyright Council
Published November 23 2017

CEO, Australian Copyright Council

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